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New to forum living in South Texas

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Hi everyone! Just a quick intro. my name is Jeremy. The first car that I ever drove was my mom's white 1971 Camaro. This was back in 1976 and I was 5 years old. Mom made a quick stop at grandma's. So, I hopped into the driver's seat, stood up to see out the windshield, pulled the gear selector down to neutral, and rolled down the hill! Luckily, myself and the car were not injured. My mom was not impressed but my dad got a kick out of it. My aunt had a white Corvette that was either a 1978 or 1979. It was beautiful! I loved riding around in that Corvette. My uncle had a white 1988 Corvette and he let me drive it to prom! My dream car is the Arctic White 2LT Z51. This is a great forum with a wonderful community of people. I hope to meet some of the Texas Corvette owners in the upcoming months. Take care!
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Jeremy, Welcome aboard, did your mom keep the 71 Camaro?

Sadly no, she sold the Camaro.

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One year ago today, I started this thread. With the help of several forum members, I was able to realize my dream and even upgrade to a 3LT! Picked up Vettnessa on 2/13/15. Thank you all!
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Welcome Jeremy, this is a great positive informative bunch here!!! I'm a newbie on here too, no negativity on this forum.
Welcome Breck, Thank you!
Welcome! I am also from south Texas! I call it northern Mexico! Lol
Cars & Coffee doesn't seem that popular down here.
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