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My 2015 Stingray came from the factory with these OEM chrome wheels:
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

They are standard base Stingray size 19x10 rear and 18x8.5 front. Last year I decided the 7 year old rubber should be replaced so I went with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06Plus all season tires in the stock size.

Since last year, I replaced the original front grill with the Z06 grill including the addition of functional brake cooling ducts and I replaced the standard tail lamps with Z06 clear lens tail lamps. The I decided I had to have Z06 style wheels. Fortunately, there are reproductions available in the base Stingray wheel size so I can keep my almost new tires.

I was looking to order the Factory Reproductions FR22 Z06 style wheel in the 19/18 sizing that fits the C7 brake calipers (C6 sizing has the same specs but hits the Brembo calipers - found out the hard way and had to eat the fedex shipping to return a set of wheels). Apparently this particular wheel has been out of stock everywhere for more than 6 months and new stock was stuck in shipping containers from China that were backed up due Covid. Just this month (May 2022) a shipping container with the wheels I was after was finally unloaded and these wheels are available again.

I just them installed today at the Discount Tire store where I bought the Continental tires. The tech said the wheels spun true and balanced easily which was reassuring to hear. I coated the rims face and inner barrel with a ceramic coating before installing them on the car in hopes of reducing brake dust cleaning effort. Here is what she looks like now:

Wheel Tire Car Cloud Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

My original wheels seem to be only offered in 2014 - 2015 and pretty much date the car as an early C7. I'm loving the new look, but I have discovered that this style wheel takes a lot more time to clean and detail than the 5 spokes.
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