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This an email I received from my dealer today.

Hello everyone,

Below is an edited email (original in Italics) I sent to all of our 2014 Vette customers late last week whose cars have been accepted for production. It applies to you as well as another consensus is coming on September 5. August consensus was a disappointing 3 coupes and 6 convertibles. I guess not disappointing for any convertible orders as 60% of convertible allocation was given to us right away. After the 22 cars we received in July this was a letdown but kind of expected as there were rumors everywhere regarding delays, issues… It looks like we are finally on the right track.

I am sorry for sending a mass email (I am blind copying everyone as I would rather not share your emails…) but last week our first C7 was built. We are not sure when they plan on shipping it, but this is what we know…

The car that was built is from the third consensus (25th car placed) and it went from code 3000 (accepted for production), to 3300 (scheduled for production), and 3400 (“broadcast”) fairly quickly. It was built without providing us with the TPW (target production week) which with any normal build does not happen. Lucky customer skipped 24 cars… GM works in mysterious ways. Serial number 13! Congrats James!

We have another car in code 3400 and I am assuming that car will be built soon. This car was one of our first 2 cars placed – Ken that is you. GM cust. service just updated me today that the car will be built this week. They have also told me that our “showroom” car (our execs car) is scheduled to be built in September – late. Needless to say our boss is not very happy but understands that customer’s cars are more important. His order was placed before anyone else.

All other cars are in code 3000. I have to assume that they will provide us with TPW’s on at least Museum deliveries as that is necessary to schedule your pickup.

I am also going to assume that the cars will be held for quality control for a while as a recent email from GM insinuated that the first cars will be shipped at the end of the third quarter, so I guess the end of September.

It looks like the Competition Seats are available (I can place orders, but they may be on constraint).

I also believe that some of you that are going to make the Carlisle show may get an update from GM on shipping, quality control… If you hear or see anything good – let me know. I planned on attending but have to stay behind.

Some of the news from Bowling Green, via Carlisle is as follows: Production has started and they are at about 20 cars per day. The goal is to get to about 18 cars per hour.

Ultimately, what I am trying to say is that I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your patience, we will need some more of it over the next couple of months. However, we are entering the home stretch now!

Only good news ahead!
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Thanks for posting redwhtconv. Good news from a reliable source!:cool:
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