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Nitrogen or No?

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I asked my salesman if the tires had nitrogen in them, he said yes.

My super duty has nitrogen with blue caps to signify. No blue caps on stingray.

So I not sure!
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Tirerack has a good article on nitrogen in tires.

This ending line sums it all up. "Rather than pay extra for nitrogen, most drivers would be better off buying an accurate tire pressure gauge and checking and adjusting their tire pressures regularly."
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That is been my approach for a good number of years for all my 2 & 4 wheel vehicles. It's no big deal to check pressures periodically. Having an accurate tire gauge is important regardless of which gas you use. I have found that I can (to a limited degree) encourage better tire wear by adding or subtracting a couple of lbs. of air pressure in a given set of older tires. I have found this strategy more useful on my 4X4 trucks, but it seems to help to a lesser degree on my S2000 as well.
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