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NJ owners: Who do you like for warranty maintenance/service?

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I'm particularly interested in places North of or just below I-78. Going to need that first oil change soon. Paramus Chevrolet popped up favorably a couple times in a thread on another forum, but nothing recent.
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Royal Chevrolet on RT 22 in Bridgewater is great. Used them for my C6 and they can do an engine rebuild, which I’m not sure how many dealers can do. I just bought my C7 at Richard Lucus on RT1 in Avenel NJ, but don’t have any experience with service with them. I'm debating whether to do my own fist oil change or have the dealer do it and see if they mess it up.
Yes they were sold, end of 2013, but my understanding is that the techs are still working there. My friend just had his corvette c6 engine rebuild there 2 months ago
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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