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No more Z51's available in 2014?

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A dealer (San Jose, CA) just informed me that there will be no more Z51's allocated in 2014 and you would have to wait and order a 2015 model.

I'm currently at 1100 and have a order number for my Z51 but now am wondering if I can expect my order to be fulfilled or if they are going to come back to me and tell me to either go with another non-Z51 2014 model or wait until 2015's become available.

Note, I got this info from another dealer and not the dealer I placed the order with as the original dealer is not communicating with me ;(

Anyone else heard of this or is the dealer misinformed?


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Our dealership in South Florida is considering not taking any more deposits as we have been over run the past week with deposits for 2014's. We have already taken 5 deposits for the 2015 Z06 C7, one being for the Z06.R even though delivery isn't till January2015.

On another note, we took in a 2014 1LT non Z with 1768 miles and sold it the next day. 1st owner had back issues and bought a new Impala.
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