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No more Z51's available in 2014?

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A dealer (San Jose, CA) just informed me that there will be no more Z51's allocated in 2014 and you would have to wait and order a 2015 model.

I'm currently at 1100 and have a order number for my Z51 but now am wondering if I can expect my order to be fulfilled or if they are going to come back to me and tell me to either go with another non-Z51 2014 model or wait until 2015's become available.

Note, I got this info from another dealer and not the dealer I placed the order with as the original dealer is not communicating with me ;(

Anyone else heard of this or is the dealer misinformed?


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There will be thousands more Z-51's produced this model year with about half still be even be ordered. The big dealers with lots of allocation are still placing Z-51 orders, and will have 2014 Z-51's delivered. Probably also true for medium-size-allocation dealers too. Smaller dealers who placed orders with Z-51 a while ago will not all be shut out.
Let's confirm that there will be many more 2014 Z-51's with some basic arithmetic.

GM expected 50% of 2014 Stingrays would be Z-51's.
GM expected that they would produce at least 25,000 2014 StingRays.
Ergo, GM expected to produce 12,500 Z-51 2014 StingRays.

Even if GM has already produced 12,500 StingRays with a Z-51 production rate of 65% -- which I am sure is way too high of a Z-51 production rate due to months of constraints, but even at that rate, GM has only produced 8,125 Z-51 equipped StingRays. Putting all these numbers together, and again I will argue that the actual Z-51 production rate so far this year is much closer to 55 % (maybe even lower than that), but even using the 65% rate, GM will still produce at least another 4,375 more Z-51's this year. And if the actual Z-51 production rate has been 55% to date, GM will produce another 5,875 more 2014 Corvettes with the Z-51 package.

Sure, many of these have already been "spoken for," with previously placed orders from dealers who have allocation. However, the top allocation dealers are still accepting orders for 2014 StingRays with the Z-51 package.
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The current production rate is 152 new Corvettes every BGAP work day. Given that we are right now at about 13,500 produced (and just verified that this is accurate), by the end January (this Friday) BGAP will have built 14,100 units.

If production of the 2014 ends on June 27th (which I am thinking but is far, far from fact), GM will have produced about 30,000, 2014 StingRays. Thus, if anything, my estimates on post # 18 of this thread as to the number of Z-51's yet to be produced this year, seem to be a low.
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