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no throttle

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I was at the track yesterday to take the leash off this beast and start my journey into track driving. My instructor had me going slowly through the turns showing me where I needed to be at all points in the turn. He indicated I was ready to start taking my speed up a little. The feeling this car has is amazing, you all know how it handles, soooo stable and smooth. This is were it all started, I was keeping the throttle steady in the turns and applying more and more throttle when I was coming out of the turns. As I was rolling up the throttle when the car was straightening out and nothing happened, until all of a sudden, wham, all the throttle came at once. It was jerking the car, not the smooth exit I was getting at low speed. The instructor told me to roll on the throttle, don't apply it all at one time. I told him I wasn't, he looked at my right foot coming out of the next turn and he found out what I already knew, it wasn't taking the command for more throttle. Well, I ended the day with more knowledge about driving which was great. I have a long way to go but the journey will be fun, if I can get this taken care of. I stopped at the dealership on the way home and they indicated that while in Track mode, the car wont take the command for more throttle if it senses the car sliding or spinning the wheels. They asked if I tried taking the Traction control off, I hadn't. I thought the advantage of the different modes was to tune the car toward how you were driving it at the time, one of the many reasons I chose the C7. I don't buy the explanation they gave me. I was coming out of corners when the "no throttle response" happened. Does anyone have some knowledge about this? I'm loosing some of the faith I have in the vehicle if this is indeed how it was programmed....HELP!!
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What you describe sounds like the traction control kicking in. Is yours a Z51?

I'm sure others more experienced with all the driving modes will chime in shortly...
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