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This month’s Photo of the Month contest is different, there will not be a cash prize nor only one winner. Rather, we will be making a video composite SRF Virtual Car Show of all SRF member entries.

We are looking for you to enter the most interesting picture you can take, or have taken, of your Stingray or Sting Ray. It can be of your entire car, or a close up of part of it. Note: Please have only your own Stingray (Sting Ray) in the picture, not one where it is parked with other cars like at a car show, since the video will be published on our forum as well as on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Every SRF member can enter whether they have won in the past or not, and whether you have entered the picture previously! The only caveat is that you post your image following the method in this link: How to post a picture (and do not include any narrative or explanation). This will result in your image being posted as a jpg, which is critical for the second part.

You will have until November 14th to post your image. All entries complying with the posting guidelines will then be put into a video compilation reflecting a Stingray Forums virtual car show. :cool:
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