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The next generation C8 mid-engine Corvette is coming and based upon the news and rumors, it’s sure to be a ground-breaker!

Rumors of a staring price of $60,000, engine torque capable of twisting the aluminum engine cradle and causing stress cracks in the rear-engine compartment glass window, captivating styling and luxurious interior have the competition on guard!

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of GM’s initial allocation of C8 Corvette Orders when allocation is released!

Even though we’ve been accepting deposits for C8 Corvette orders for a little while now, we figured we jump on the publicity bandwagon and make an official announcement.

HOWEVER, as always, we prefer to keep the ordering process and shopping experience as simple as possible.

Rather than doing phases, or playing around with amounts before or after a certain time point, we’re just going to do the same thing we’ve always done: $2,000 deposit up front which is fully refundable, UNTIL your order is placed and accepted by GM (when allocation is released and GM actually accepts orders).

Once your order is placed and accepted by GM, your $2,000 deposit becomes non-refundable.

Quick, easy, clean and simple!

To learn more about getting on our C8 Corvette List or putting down a deposit for an order, please contact our Corvette Sales Team at 603-888-1121 or fill out our C8 Corvette Request Form at: C8 Corvette Mid-Engine Inquiry Form
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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