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Official Coupe Roofs Thread

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I checked, and there does not seem to be a thread for the StingRay roofs, so I am starting one now.

There are three roof types, and multiple combinations which can be ordered (however, many of those combinations are on constraint now). Please check the constraints thread for up-to-date details.

There is a body-colored carbon fiber roof which weighs only 16 lbs. It is called "CFA" and comes standard with any StingRay trim level.

There is a transparent roof made of polycarbonate plastic (correction: thanks, glen e!) which weighs 21 lbs (thanks, Art!). It is called "CC3", replaces the CFA, and comes with a $995 up-charge.

There is an exposed carbon fiber roof which also weighs only 16lbs. It is called "C2Z". It is similar to CFA, and made of the same material. The difference is that the samples which become C2Z instead of CFA are the pick of the crop and have carbon fiber weaves which came out of manufacturing so "visually" flawless that they can be exposed instead of painted over. The only body-colored paint on these exposed carbon fiber roofs are along the two edges over the doors. If you choose C2Z, it replaces CFA, and comes with a premium $1,995 up-charge since they are more rare.

There are also two different "dual roof" packages available.

The first is the "Body-Color Dual Roof" package called "C2Q" which consists of receiving two roofs: CFA plus CC3. It comes with a $1,995 up-charge.

The last option is an exposed "Carbon Fiber Dual Roof" package called "C2M" which consists of two roofs: C2Z plus CC3. It comes with a $2,995 up-charge.

In summary:
CFA -> No additional charge.
CC3 -> $995.
C2Z -> $1,995.
CFA+CC3=C2Q -> $1,995.
C2Z+CC3=C2M -> $2,995.

I hope this thread can be expanded by those of you with pictures to share! Also, if anyone knows how much the transparent roof weighs, please let me know and I will add that (or if you are a moderator, please add it, or any corrections you know of, to this post).

Finally, if you have any helpful comments, or questions, about roofs on the StingRay coupe, post away.

Cheers! -Rodney

P.S. I hope I don't really need to remind people, but I know we will disagree with what options we may choose for ourselves. What is right for someone else may not be right for you. Let's please respect the decisions of our fellow forum members, and keep this thread as a positive source of information, pictures, helpful tips, etc. Thank you!
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and I'll add this for proper maintenance:

painted roof =whatever sealant/wax you like - it's clear coat paint
the other two - clear and embedded carbon fiber = PLEXUS is great stuff - look for it on Amazon...
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It is not 995 at the dealer...when you order one as an option from BG, you are giving up a body color roof in exchange, so it's less - it is $1250 at the dealer....
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Please post what you find out from your dealer.

Glen, the $1,250 that you listed, is that what some dealer is charging, or is that dealer cost? Is that plus tax, or tax already included? Thank you!
a friend of mine ordered one thru the parts dept of his dealer, he usually gets some discount - he paid $1250 - all I know....
I poked around on the web, and some people mentioned removable headliners utilizing suction cups, or clear tint heat reflecting films. Does anyone on here have specific recommendations? Thank you!
scouring the web I show nothing built yet....but it would be very easy to fabricate something in the short term with 3M faux carbon fiber and some thin mylar and suction cups...
you get diff opins on this...some tint shops say they can't apply film to the polycarb plastic and others say you your research...
It would be very easy to make a shade (at least for me and other DIY guys here)...find a piece of flexible 1/16 or /1/32 plastic thru google, cut it to fit with garden shears and cover it with nice 3m DI noc carbon fiber or matte black, and drill for suction cups...done for $50 or so....
Would it help to have the upper surface of the shield made of a reflective material?
Probably, but overkill if oyu can find a tint that works - start calling the mfrs and find out of their films stick to polycarbonite - start with Lumar, Solar Guard, 3m and Suntek...

the disadvantage of film is you can never go back to a nice open airy bright look like a shade will give you....stay tuned, the vendors will have something real soon, there is too much of a demand for it, much more so than the gaudy grills they are making...LOL
Glen.... I would pay you if you could please make me one?!?!?!?!

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just wait, one of the vendors will have one very soon...and more professional than the one I would make....
thx! - the people that did your wraps could do it easy...
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