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Oil Leak

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found an oil leak on my garage floor. here's the photos. will be at the dealer tomorrow. anyone else had this same problem? front of the car more toward the passenger side. looks like a loose hose...

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Check for posts and threads from smokey12 and ret9580. Smokey12 had his oil get in the air intake without the car being overfilled (museum delivery). Ret9850 had his overfilled multiple times by an incompetent dealership, and his leaked oil on his garage floor.

If your problem is the same as some other Z51 oil issues (IF it is the same root cause), then, yes, it is a known problem.
yeah definitely thanks...did you have the exact same leak?
Yeah, he did, multiple times.

By the way, I see you are in Cali. What part are you in?
No the dealer just told me it was fix and shouldn't happen again. Also to drive less aggressive at low miles. Probably up to 5000 miles. From what i read, just keep a good eye on the oil level. For some reason when the dealer does an oil change, they overflow it!
I will readily admit (as a badge of honor, actually) that I grew up, and remain, a GM fanboy. It makes me happy to say that.

However, the boldfaced part of what the dealership said, and the instructions GM gives to the dealers to say this, is nothing short of a complete and utter blunder on GM's part.

GM should be so very, very, very ashamed to utter those words, and instruct dealers to say so. I am embarrassed for them. Shame, shame, shame.
i just checked the bridge to the throttle body. yep, there was a little bit of oil. I'm guessing all they did was clean the air intake assembly and not the throttle body and bridge coupler. I cleaned it and will drive it then check again and see. I also read a few other thread. looks like after 5,000 to 6,000 miles and if you don't overfill the oil the problem should be fixed. any thoughts on that? please let me know...thanks
It depends on your definition of "oil problem". If your definition of "oil problem" is "I don't want oil spilling out of my car and onto my garage floor" then probably yes. If your definition of oil problem is "I don't want oil coking on the backs of my intake valves" then probably no.
thanks for the info. this is very "annoying" for me to know that a car like this would have this problem. I am in constant contact with GM about this issue. So far its the same thing..."driving too aggressively in low miles"or "overfilled with oil". I'll have to take everything everyone says in this forum to consideration as well as take GM words for now. Worst case I will have to trade this car in for another car, probably the new M4 or RC-F and never get a GM product ever again. But that's worst case....
How utterly embarrassing that is. I would be ashamed to utter that. It makes the people who say that look so completely inept.

I don't have a problem with GM saying that people need to fill it with less oil (but, given that, they should provide a newly calibrated oil dipstick), but when you have kept it under 4000 RPMs during break-in, and below redline after 500 miles, yet they say "you are driving too aggressively" then they make the StingRay seem like a poorly-functioning, entry-level, put-put mobile instead of a world-class sports car.

The thoughtless little group of people at GM who recommended they tell customers "don't drive your Corvette aggressively, or you will leak oil" should be silenced because the members of that short-sighted little group are making the whole Corvette division look foolish. Corvettes are meant to be driven aggressively (not exceeding the break-in instructions, but allowable up to redline thereafter). Any car which cannot be driven aggressively (as much as permitted in the break-in instructions) is not worthy of the label "sports car".

I cannot believe the higher-up powers-that-be within GM know that embarrassing phrase is being spoken at dealerships to customers. Surely if the powers-that-be within GM/Corvette marketing knew that phrase is being said, then they would put a stop to that embarrassing phrase immediately.

Why can't they just say, "Don't put more than X quarts of oil in it" and leave it at that?

Unless even not overfilling it, and keeping it less than 4000 RPMs is still not enough to keep the oil out of the air intake, at which point, they REALLY should be embarrassed...
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I think what we need here is more people to chime in and say what is working for them. With just a few people mentioning the issue they are having it makes this car sound like it wasn't designed very well. It is unfortunate for the few that are having issues. But for the silent majority this car is working very well.
I've tried fairly hard to do what you aren't suppose to do with this car during the break in period, and it just keeps taking it. It's just my opinion, but the more I read about people babying their cars, the more issues they seem to have.
They called it a Stingray for a reason.
I understand and agree completely.

It seems most people do not run into the problem.

That is all great indeed, but that foolish statement about "you drove your sports car too aggressively" is just embarrassing to me. I wish it would stop and they never said it to anyone, even those with the problem.

Why? By saying that it seems they are trying to blame the owners, even when the owners did nothing wrong. I prefer to see a business take a problem by the horns and drive it to resolution instead of try to blame the customer (and especially try to blame them with something which, in turn, makes the company look incompetent with respect to their core business).

That is just really, really bad PR.
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