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Oil Leak

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found an oil leak on my garage floor. here's the photos. will be at the dealer tomorrow. anyone else had this same problem? front of the car more toward the passenger side. looks like a loose hose...

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90% sure that's your issue. Also will guarantee the RX system will correct it. Your ingesting a ton of oil into your intake air charge and that is what causes the intake valve coking issues. Lot's of threads to read about the details, cause, effect, and cure.

Good luck!
yeah definitely thanks...did you have the exact same leak?
Very common with these....when you can dump oil out of the air intake assy your ingesting a ton of it and doing your motor no good:

The new Z06 has several updates that address the oil puking (burping) into the air intake bridge assy, but for you the only solution is to address it yourself by running lower on oil and installing the RX system that corrects this issue.

Lots of info here for you to read in several threads to understand it all.
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Use the good dealer and not the other!! I believe all dealers servicing the Corvette should have at least one Corvette specific master tech on staff, but oil changes are done by the "Lube Techs", and that is generally the kids w/very little knowledge on this things, but every dealer is independently owned so blind trust is all most can put in the dealer they use w/out guidance from others like the members here that have done a good job of weeding out the bad, and praising the good.
wow sorry to hear you had to go through that. after the dealer cleaned mine up they told me it won't leak again. the problem was fixed. I'll just change my own oil from now on to make sure. basically nobody's going to take care of your car like its owner would...
daddy, Just to verify take a flat blade screwdriver and take the coupler loose from the throttle body. Reach into the air bridge with a clean paper towel and rub around to see if your still getting oil will be surprised.

Good morning CCC:

I found oil on my garage floor his morning did some research and found this thread. I have no doubt I am having the same common problem with oil purge thru PCV air intake system. Has GM offered a no-cost (i.e. warranty) solution to this issue? I'm heading to dealer on Monday. Your feed back will be appreciated.
Not from GM, only the aftermarket. Our system corrects it but also follow glen-e and others on the oil fill amount...that helps substantially.
Good to see they are finally addressing it in the new Z06. This started with the first LS7 C6's
Any that want to check to see if you have the issue (not all drip on the ground), simply remove the air bridge from the throttle body and reach into the bridge with a clean paper towel. Takes 5 minutes and very rare to see any that do not have oil saturated in the intake air bridge. Take these apart steadily and only one to date had very little (almost none) in it...and that is out of a couple dozen? Try it....just takes a flat blade screw driver.
Dont go that far before the 1st change!!! Get that original fill out no longer than 1000 miles.
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