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Old fart on deck!

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Car guy here and have been around forums for a few years. Admin on (1998-2004), (2004-present), (2010-present).

Many cars but lately I've bandied about in a Black Twin turbo 1998 CamaroZ28, a 2007 Victory Red Supercharged C6 convertible, and currently in a 2014 Torch Red C7 Convertible. I can spell car quite well.

In my 70s now but still love the smell of burning rubber and fast cars.

Luckily, the Florida - Georgia border closes down after September 30th so I don't have to screw with snow any more.

Current ride in attachment.



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Howdy ya' old fart!

You're not doing much to change the image of the Corvette being an "old man's car".

Seriously though, welcome to the forum and beautiful ride!!!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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