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What does this mean (1100: Preliminary Order Accepted. GM would officially accept it at status 2000)?

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199allante: here is a list of the codes and explanation. It means that your dealer has put your order into the GM system (aka WorkBench).

Order Status Tracking Codes: GM Order Status
1000 Order On Hold at Dealership
1100 Order Placed at Dealership; Preliminarily Accepted by GM Computer.
NOTE: Does NOT mean that GM is guaranteeing that the car will be produced -- as that only occurs at status code 2000!
1101 Order Entered into System
1102 Order Entered via Web
2000 Order Accepted by Chevrolet, "has passed approval and will be produced"
2001 Order Generated to Dealer
2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospec Order
2030 Order Edited by Chevrolet
2050 Order Changed
2500 Order Preferenced (or "Picked Up" or "Imaged"), Sent to Production
3000 Order Accepted by Production Control
3100 Order Available to Sequence (now becomes more stable)
3300 Order Selected and Scheduled for Production by Assembly Plant (Target Production Week usually available now)
3400 Order Broadcasted for Production (Internal Plant Order Produced)
3800 Vehicle Produced
4000 Vehicle Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice Created
4B00 Bayed ("B", not 8: Your car is waiting for transportation by Truck, Rail or transfer to vendor)
4D00 12/2/13 On hold (Quality Control Checks)
4106 Bailment Released (vehicle has left plant property).
4150 Vehicle Invoiced (Dealer Billed/Order is invoiced to the dealer)
4200 Vehicle Shipped (Vehicle is shipped to the dealer or point of delivery)
4300 Intermediate Delivery (Interim transfer; processing transfer to QC or vendor)
4V03 Estimated Delivery Date
4800 Rail Ramp Unload
5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer
6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer
9000 Order Cancelled

I suggest you check out the following which will possibly answer a number of your questions:
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The above link by "jsvette" contains a lot of useful information to answering your question.

Unfortunately, the relationship between "1100 status to being guaranteed your car" is the identical relationship to your buying a winning lottery ticket earlier today and planning how your are going to spend your winnings (through the drawing isn't till later in the week).

Conversely, as explained in that link, status 2000 means that GM's will absolutely build your StingRay. The following link could also help.
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