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Order Status changed to "I Drove it home"!!

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Just took delivery yesterday! OMG that is a FUN car to drive. I feel like a teenager. It was worth the wait and it came out exactly like I envisioned it!!

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Congratulations on your new ride!! It looks so incredible.....I bet that it's hard to leave it alone! Have fun with it!
I have spent all day reading the owners manual and playing with my new toy.. Couldn't drive it today.. Was really rainy. Supposed to be a nice weekend and my girlfriend can't wait to go for a ride with me! Life is good!
I have had so much fun driving this car this past weekend. It is just an amazing car. A LOT more comfortable then I though it was going to be! I was asked in a parking lot "that is Gorgeous what is it??" People think this car is some exotic imported sports car. They can't believe when I tell them it is a Corvette! Many Many happy miles to come!
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