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Well got the z06 ordered ended up going fully loaded 3LZ package with z07 option in a auto. they said the autos are backed up about 3-4 months so I have a option also by the time it comes to order a 2016. I hope that doesn't happen but if it does no biggie. Ive been working mad overtime so longer it takes better it is toward my goal of no car payments.

So enough with the small talk... lets move onto mods planned

When gets here from dealer going to bring it home and
Lower it by decranking bolts
345 35 18 mh drag radials
18x12.5 rear drag wheels
And going straight to the track see what it runs.

Bring it back home and
2 inch american racing headers coated to no cats (california loves non catted cars) to stock mufflers
HX upgrade
LT1Z tune
Then take it to the track see what it does again.

Then bring it home and final mods will be cam/my custom hx tank im working on.

Id be happy with a 9.999999 out of it on 91 octane but honestly low 10s ill be fine with also.

And no im not going to be taking car to road course. I grew up on drag/street racing and honestly for those that know me if i took my cars on a road course the only part I would be interested in is the straight away. I don't give a darn about corners. I know its a waste of a z06.... but its what I like doing with all my cars.

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I don't see how going ridiculously fast in any direction is a waste of a Z06. Just curious, the Z07 package provides so much extra downforce for the corners. Will it slow you down in a straight line? I suppose you always have the option of lowering the clear spoiler segment and putting the small winglets on.
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