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Ordering 2014 stingray

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Hello first time here,

But I have a few questions and wanted y'all advice and input.
So I ordered a 2014 stingray yesterday on the 6/18. The dealer told me they had allocations and required a 2000$ deposit also said the deposit is refundable. I went ahead put my deposit and ordered it. Got 2014 z51 1LT torch red with exhaust and magnetic ride. They told me this "Yes. We are 4 filled past 2014 so if you order today you will be number 5 and those will be getting ordered starting in July. You should expect to have your vehicle by early September." What are y'all thoughts? Is this true should I expect my car? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you stingray forums!
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Not sure what to say other than as long as the deposit is refundable and it is writing and a reputable dealer with a lot of sales and allocations you should be allright. The last day of production is supposed to be 8/7/14, so you are running close to the wire. I am not sure if any more allocations have been given out. I am in Canada, so they are few and far between. All looks legit to me and Good Luck. Get the build code list and you will be able to see at what stage your build is as you wait the agonizing wait. Now, you would be 1100 and to know you are in the system. You want to be at least 2000.

Soon to take delivery after 10 months. STUNG (Bob):cool:
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