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Ordering 2014 stingray

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Hello first time here,

But I have a few questions and wanted y'all advice and input.
So I ordered a 2014 stingray yesterday on the 6/18. The dealer told me they had allocations and required a 2000$ deposit also said the deposit is refundable. I went ahead put my deposit and ordered it. Got 2014 z51 1LT torch red with exhaust and magnetic ride. They told me this "Yes. We are 4 filled past 2014 so if you order today you will be number 5 and those will be getting ordered starting in July. You should expect to have your vehicle by early September." What are y'all thoughts? Is this true should I expect my car? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you stingray forums!
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Can someone tell me, if you don't move from an 1100 today its the last chance before 2015? I saw something like that on the site earlier today but lost the link. Ive been in 1100 for 2 weeks and yes I know others have been there longer than that! That being said, if you have to go for a 2015 and you already have a down payment for your car will you have to pay the increase, are they supposed to call you and let you know of different options and all of that? Why is it that in the 21st century GM doesn't have a tracking site as good as BMW? And I had to wait for that one to come from Germany!
If you are still at 1100 you aren't getting a 2014. Last Tuesday was the last allocation assigned to the 2014 buildout according to our dealer representatives. To get a 2014 you need to be at 2000 today.

As for pricing and options, your dealer doesn't know the price but I believe they know the options. Pricing won't be announced until after the first batch of orders are accepted by GM. People wanting in on the first batch will be rolling the dice with regard to price as there is no price protection between years.

Also, tracking works fine but understand that 1100 status simply means the order was accurate but it has not moved from the dealer's workbook, there's nothing to track till it gets accepted by GM for production, status 2000.

It's obvious your dealer isn't shooting straight with you or they are ignorant of the Corvette ordering logistics or both.

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Just got off the phone with the dealer and spoke with a new sales rep, he was pretty sure they didn't have any more allocations for the 2014 year but said he would verify with the manager in the morning and call me back. I explained to him how the "other" guy was jerking my chain and my order had not moved in 4 weeks. I told him I could wait for a 15, but don't BS and lie to me, im a nice guy to a point and Im sure someone else wants my buiss and my money. Might be interesting as I have to take the Camaro in for service on Friday morning.
Wanted to say thanks for the help on here from you guys and Chevy customer care!
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