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Ordering 2014 stingray

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Hello first time here,

But I have a few questions and wanted y'all advice and input.
So I ordered a 2014 stingray yesterday on the 6/18. The dealer told me they had allocations and required a 2000$ deposit also said the deposit is refundable. I went ahead put my deposit and ordered it. Got 2014 z51 1LT torch red with exhaust and magnetic ride. They told me this "Yes. We are 4 filled past 2014 so if you order today you will be number 5 and those will be getting ordered starting in July. You should expect to have your vehicle by early September." What are y'all thoughts? Is this true should I expect my car? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you stingray forums!
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read the stickies in this section to get educated on this process....the guys have gone to great lengths to answer all your questions...
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