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ordering a 2014 base mt this week...

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Howdy all,

Excited to order my Stingray this week! My dealership said if I order by Thurs I'll be good to go for delivery in about six weeks and change.

They said they have allocation, so I'm trusting them.

I'd rather not wait for the 2015, both since I assume they'll cost more and I'm also impatient :)

Trying to get yellow exterior, red interior. Also would like the exhaust, and plan to do other upgrades on my own eventually.

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Thanks!! I'm super excited. Been waiting quite awhile for this...
Thanks; what's an override option charge? And yeah, I did think about the Ronald McDonald look but I love the idea of a red interior, black looks good but I don't like black leather in the summer... and fell in love with vy exterior... makes it really pop imo.

Any other options I should consider?
So I talked to my sales guy today and he says they find out Thurs what their allocation is. They're supposed to have either 3 or 6 coupes, and there are 3 buyers in front of me so we'll see... really don't want to wait for the 2015s... :(
Bk+, that does not necessarily sound good for you my friend. You are number 4 in line, and they may get 3-6 coupe allocations? What if they only get 3?
Yeah, if they only get 3, I will have to wait until the 2015s. They won't take a deposit until they have an order entered for me though, which is good. Or someone else could back out...
Hmmmm starting to change their allocation story eh. This isn't what they said originally. Is it? There are quite a few allocations out there at the moment and I am sure they will all be gobbled up soon. Good luck. You can allways try Kerbeck or MacGulkin and see what they have. Maybe not the Red int. VY that you want though.
Good idea. Yeah they told me they wouldn't know allocations until a week before order, but I just found out the specifics. Boo.

Also I'm pretty set on VY, interior is flexible, but MT is also a non negotiable...
bk+, I also live in the DC area. Which dealer are you working with? I know that Criswell is a big Corvette dealer around us in Gaithersburg, but I have decided to go with MacMulkin when I order. While I am still on the fence about waiting for the 2015s or pulling the trigger now, I do know from conversations with Jessy at MacMulkin that they do have available allocations right now. I was quoted about $800 to have the car delivered to MacMulkin in New Hampshire, let them do the prep for delivery, and have it car carriered for drop off right at my door. Given that courtesy delivery (that is, another dealer taking delivery of a car ordered from another (usually out of state) dealer and have them prep and deliver it to you) can run up to $500.

So while at first I discounted the idea of ordering from a dealer from out of state, I have changed my mind. You might want to consider that....

Also, as for the color is whatever makes YOUR heart stop!!!

Good luck!!!
Yeah, I'm working with Criswell... apparently they are #3 in the country in corvette sales, so typically get a large allocation. What made you go out of state?

Gotcha. Criswell in general is pretty great, I'm sure your mileage may vary based on who is your salesman and which type of car you buy; my family has bought a few Hondas and a Nissan from Criswell over the years since my father and Harry Criswell used to do business together (my dad has been to Redskins games with the guy I think, haha). That said, their dedicated Corvette salesman is awesome. He is very professional and super responsive, he was very up front with me as soon as I called the first time with the number of allocations they have left, so I have nothing against them, just bummed I may need to wait more than 6 weeks!
So that's my .02! Gburg is far though!!
YESS they got enough!! My order will be placed Tues; 1LT coupe MT!! :) with exhaust
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Thanks!! :) so excited. This will be the longest six weeks ever...
They do straight MSRP... I believe it will be around 56k, I'll get the exact w tax title fees on Monday when they take my deposit. Never had them add BS fees before so don't expect it. I will be negotiating on my trade in, that's where I hope to save my money :)
bk+....Congrats!!! Did you get the color combination you were looking for? PM me if you get a chance after you complete everything with Criswell....I would like to hear more about them.

I got yellow/red, but I have until Tues to change my mind, do I'm doing some soul searching. PM sent!
So the salesman emailed me the other day and said it would be built the week of July 7, and target arrival date of July 20 :)

Now I'm looking at my options as far as trade in and financing; ideally I'll look at multiple sources to finance, and multiple places to sell my car so I can try to get the best deal on both.

Anyone have any advice on the financing? What kind of rates are out there? I have very good credit, so that'll help.
Gotcha, thanks. I'm going to check out NASA FCU (who I refinanced my current auto loan through) and Pen Fed, and perhaps Wells Fargo. In addition to the dealer.
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