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Ordering Constraints 8/29 Cycle

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After weeks of delays, GM once again is pulling orders from our awaiting
allocation for production/build scheduling.
However we are faced with a new set of constraints THIS WEEK

FYI: orders already pulled are not effected.
If your order is getting pulled this week and has either the exposed
Carbon Fiber Roof (C2Z) or roof package (C2M) as it contains the C2Z,
those orders will be on hold. We will check next week to see what the
status of this is….THE GOOD NEWS, no constraint on the FAY Carbon Fiber Dash panel…

This being the first week of Convertible allocation release, no constraints
except the AE7 seats, which simply are not available at all yet….soon though.
Same holds true for Stingray Coupes, no release of an order with AE7 competition seating.(yet)

estimated build week of an order released today, 9/29- Thank-you for the considerations, Rick Conti
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Thanks for the update!
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