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Our Corvettes at the Track

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This forum is designed for members who have taken their Corvette to one or more legal tracks, members who have specifically set up/modified their Corvette for the track, and members who have questions about what is involved, track related safety, etc. Please feel free to share your knowledge, experiences, relevant pictures, etc. Also this is the place to ask your related questions if you are planning on or have tracked your Corvette. :cool:

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I love tracking my car. I have four lined up so far this year. I would be on track now but waiting for a surgery instead.
The other thing that is interesting for me is reviewing the data from the track event.
The COSWORTH TOOLBOX is great for this. and is free.
Also a tool called PI TOOLBOX is very handy and is also free.
These two use data from the PDR. There are lots of videos on the web to show how they work.

The other tools I use are EFI Live and HP Tuners These are not free.
These can record most engine parameters. The PDR only records a few.
No need for both of them. I find HP TUNERS much easier to use but that is just me. Again many videos out there showing how to use them.

With these tools I have been able to sort out a number of issues from overheating, to braking issues.

Hope this helps.
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Here is the link to download the Cosworth Toolbox that works in concert with our PDRs: COSWORTH TOOLBOX - Cosworth
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