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Packing a convertible trunk for roadtrips

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So I was wondering what you convertible guys do when packing for a road trip. My understanding is the official Corvette luggage was made for the rear of the coupe, not convertible.

There is a company that sells luggage that is custom fit to the trunk of convertible roadsters (aptly named for road trips!), however they do not have anything for 'vettes. I emailed them a month ago and they told me to check back in 3 months.

I'm guessing a variety of soft bags will have to do, but I love the idea of custom fit luggage that takes advantage of all available trunk space.
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I don't have mine yet, no pics. The pics I HAVE seen make the convertible trunk look about the size of one full size set of golf clubs. Coupe cargo area looks huge compared to it.
Two carry-on size then. Good to know. Is there any spare space for a small garment bag and a woman's handbag?
All great information I couldn't find with google. Thanks guys! I like the idea of being able to slide a garment bag in the shallow recess in the forward section of trunk. Going to take a week long trip back from NCM upon delivery there, but more importantly wanna have at least one set of dress duds for both of us on the National Caravan/NCM Anniversary week.
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Only time the top is going up on my baby is:

1) Can't avoid rain
2) Have to park in public out of eyeshot

Good info to know though!
May 22. Finally! The planets have is going on the line this week.
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Follow-up on packing returning from NCM: Five days on the road after two days in Nashville/Bowling Green. Did make one laundromat stop after the first 5 days to wash up all dirty stuff we had accumulating in the trapdoor compartment in the trunk (great place to store your dirty clothes!). Used the narrow space in the forward part of trunk to store my CPAP (damn sleep apnea!) and the stuff I got from NCM (plaque, window sticker, cargo net, etc). The two carry-on suitcases JUST fit! Any larger and we would have had a problem. As it was we had to place them in trunk with wheels inboard to make them fit (only one set of two wheels on each piece). On top of suitcases was my laptop and her shoulder satchel, which was packed in such a way to lay relatively flat. Trunk barely closed.

In car, we stored the video camera in the infotainment screen compartment. Behind my seat I stored a road sign I bought at Tail of Dragon gift store. Behind my seat in the speaker recess, I stored a 35 mm with mid sized lens wrapped in a fleece. Wife kept a medium purse on floor directly in front of her seat (under her legs). It was actually refreshing traveling lighter than usual!:)
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KyLemannsvette, I don't know what your definition of full size suitcase is, but I'd sure like to see a pic of that! Did you need to use a Sawzall?
quite a bit, haven't measured it yet.
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