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Packing a convertible trunk for roadtrips

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So I was wondering what you convertible guys do when packing for a road trip. My understanding is the official Corvette luggage was made for the rear of the coupe, not convertible.

There is a company that sells luggage that is custom fit to the trunk of convertible roadsters (aptly named for road trips!), however they do not have anything for 'vettes. I emailed them a month ago and they told me to check back in 3 months.

I'm guessing a variety of soft bags will have to do, but I love the idea of custom fit luggage that takes advantage of all available trunk space.
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I don't even know what the back looks like when the top is down. People always show pics of Verts from the side.

Got a pic?

I am getting a coupe and did a bunch of research on the space in the back of the coupe before for a recent rental road trip in one, so I wonder how similar they are?
Does the Vert have the 'hidden compartment' in the left back?

Could you take a pic of the back for us doc?
Thanks guys! And you answered my other question about the compartment in the back left. Too inconvenient to put a handbag in, but good for other stuff you might want to keep in the car on a road trip (emergency stuff).

Interesting. i think you can still get two small suitcases end to end side to side though, right? I'm sure you could cram your purse in there somewhere ragtop. I actually had my purse (which is like a small backpack) on top of the center console when we did the 2-day rental. The center console was deep, went beyond the seats far enough that I could put it there and it wasn't hitting either of us in the seats. Just a thought!
Off Topic... when is your museum delivery ragtop?
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