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Packing a convertible trunk for roadtrips

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So I was wondering what you convertible guys do when packing for a road trip. My understanding is the official Corvette luggage was made for the rear of the coupe, not convertible.

There is a company that sells luggage that is custom fit to the trunk of convertible roadsters (aptly named for road trips!), however they do not have anything for 'vettes. I emailed them a month ago and they told me to check back in 3 months.

I'm guessing a variety of soft bags will have to do, but I love the idea of custom fit luggage that takes advantage of all available trunk space.
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My Stingray is a Premiere Edition Convertible version and it came with the five piece luggage set in the trunk. There are two pieces that are carry on size and the other three pieces were packed inside of the two carry on pieces. So, it will basically carry two carry on size pieces of luggage. So, as long as your packing doesn't get too wild, then you can go away for a short period of time. I don't see letting a 16 year old valet park my Stingray in a multi-level parking garage. Not happening.
Two carry-on size then. Good to know. Is there any spare space for a small garment bag and a woman's handbag?
Hi Ragtop. I would say that you could lay a garment bag on top of the two carry ons, but it couldn't be packed too thickly. Also, I'm not sure where a woman's hand bag would go. There is possibly a bit more room in the very back of the "trunk" space, but not much and there is some space behind the seat back, but putting a purse there would cover up one of the subs. The cabin, otherwise, has no place for a bag or even a coat or sweater, imho.
Does the Vert have the 'hidden compartment' in the left back?

Could you take a pic of the back for us doc?
Fdxpilot beat me to it Suzy Cruisy and took quality pictures. The pictures don't lie; there isn't a great deal of room in trunk. I don't see me taking my Stingray out on a long road trip. This is less because of the luggage space, but more because I am too protective of the car. Maybe I'll get over that, but I'm not sure.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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