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Packing a convertible trunk for roadtrips

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So I was wondering what you convertible guys do when packing for a road trip. My understanding is the official Corvette luggage was made for the rear of the coupe, not convertible.

There is a company that sells luggage that is custom fit to the trunk of convertible roadsters (aptly named for road trips!), however they do not have anything for 'vettes. I emailed them a month ago and they told me to check back in 3 months.

I'm guessing a variety of soft bags will have to do, but I love the idea of custom fit luggage that takes advantage of all available trunk space.
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KyLemannsvette, I don't know what your definition of full size suitcase is, but I'd sure like to see a pic of that! Did you need to use a Sawzall?
We packed 11 days clothes for two in 4 vacuum pack bags and one large rolling duffle bag. We dropped the cover partition and the vacuum bags stacked under there. We also had two small folding chairs we took to use on the 20th Anniversary caravan. Also we had a small cooler we used for cold drinks. It was fully packed with all this but we had plenty of clothes. Got the vacuum bags from Harbor Freight.
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Luggage capacity can be increased by releasing the divider that separates luggage from soft top storage. Doing so does prevent lowering the top but as soon as you have unpacked at your destination topless cruising can be enjoyed!
I have not tried to move the divider yet. How many inches of extra forward room do you gain?
quite a bit, haven't measured it yet.
If you go on a long road trip, you start out with the most worn out and out of style clothes you have. After you have worn them all, you go shopping for new clothes, and take the clothes you started the trip with and donate them via a Goodwill box. or throw them away. Either that, or visit a laundromat, or if you can stay in a hotel with a laundry service.

I am serious here. I have taken trips where I have done this to allow me to fly with just a carry on bag on a trip where one carry on bag would not hold sufficient clothes for my entire trip.

Also, after years of motorcycle touring, you learn to live with what can fit in two saddlebags, and learn that there are things you can buy on the trip that you did not have to bring from home.
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