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PDI: What Will New Delivery Involve?

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What Will Your PDI (pre-delivery inspection) Involve?

For you wonderful lucky, C7-expectant folks, and we are all excited for you, your Corvette will be getting a pre delivery inspection (PDI) prior to your it being delivered to you. The GM form for PDI's is below. Here are some thoughts, personal suggestions, as I approach this first interaction with the dealership for my new car as a time for me (my personal goal) to make a friend of the Service Manager and his/her PDI Specialist. GM is now grading every dealership on their customer's initial delivery satisfaction, so I try to make this a mutual "win-win" process.

A PDI involves your dealership's service team, or if you are getting Museum Delivery, the National Corvette Museum's PDI team, to do a thorough inspection as delineated on the GM form below. Additionally, the PDI will include your dealer installing your dealer-installed accessories (referred to as LDO's). They will also check for any TSB's (technical service bulletins) that have been issued, if any, for your specific VIN, completing whatever remediation the TSB's require (doubtful for early C7's).

Of course, they will clean your car and, and if you are lucky, fill it up will fuel if you are lucky. Some dealerships save money and install regular fuel; remind them gently, that GM requires premium for your car. (If all they stock is regular fuel, and do not get the hint, I ask them not to fill up tank for me, that I will do it and pay for it myself.)

Your C7 will come with its white transporter delivery cover. To help insure you dealerships' service/PDI technicians know about it, that it is yours and that it is not to be destroyed as they take it off, recommend you visit the Service Manager a few days before your car arrives, and ask that person to accompanying you to his lead PDI specialist so you three can all together talk about that cover, what it means to you, etc. If they both draw a blank, you might bring picture of that cover with you. If you do not sense their genuine interest in you/your car, you might say, if it were accurate, that you are considering making their service department where you bring in your car for maintenance and repair work, but if nothing works to inspire you to later being your car their for service, ask other Corvette owners in your area' call the local Corvette club, etc., to find whom they are pleased with for their service work.

It is possible that GM might update or create a unique C7 PDI check-list form to include your delivery cover. (Note, the one below was created in 2005 and as late as last year, was still being used.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: GM Replaced this old PDI form; see Nov. 3 PDI thread for updated form.
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Nice john.....I'm still a little Leary of having the dealer detail it as I'm not sure of the detailers expertise or more importantly, the cleanliness of their pads...I'll have Coughlin rinse it and I'll do the 1st polish......
Since all the colors are clear coat, all waxes work......but think sealants, not wax....they last longer and have great's all about EZ these days, if it's easy , you'll do it often...wax on/off once a sonax paint cleaner polish, then look how easy this one is:

My 18 yr old son is working at the dealership where I bought my C7 and part of his job is to wash and shine a customers car on delivery day and he's been also trusted to drive them up from the back to the awaiting customer. He's beamed about bring some of C6 vettes up in the past month, cant wait till he drives mine up and sees me! (noone in my home knows I've ordered it)
That is so cool no one knows!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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