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Picked up the new car, and drove it all over Oregon.

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My trip to pick up my new car: Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Sports car Automotive design

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weather was great the first five days, then when my wife came down to meet me, the weather turned to rain, rain, and more rain. Let me tell you, those tires are definitely not made for the rain, but it made it kind of fun to drive. We still had a good time, and saw some awesome coastline. About the car: 1: The synchronization between the accelerator pedal to the throttle body is an epic GM failure, you step on the pedal, nothing happens for about a half second, then when you let off the pedal, the same effect, it's still throttling up when your foot is completely off the pedal. (There has to be some fix for this) 2: As I had expected, the stereo system was soft and mushy, I couldn't take it, and had to tear into it. added a Rockford 300-1 amp. with a JL audio tw3 8" sub. sharpened the sound right up, and is now acceptable. the old adage ( all highs, no lows, it must be Bose) truly lives on. 3: Handling, This car outhandles any previous Vette, it cruises nicely, the steering is spot-on, I can't say anything bad about that portion except!...... Brake dust, OH MY! this thing makes more brake dust than a grinding wheel. 4: Tire noise, I will be installing Hush mat to the fender wells, as the interior noise is unacceptable (on most highways)
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the stereo upgrade is a must, as the Bose system is really lacking of any presence (sharp mid-bass, and hard hitting bass) the JL 8" tw3 cabinet works very well with the amount of airspace in the stingray. The amplifier is your standard Rockford Fosgate punch 300-1 mono block amplifier, it produces ample power and is very controllable with remote switch. The trick to the installation was finding clean signal out of the Bose components. We ended up taking high level input signal from door woofers, as every other source was polluted with signal noise that made the subwoofer "fart" whenever you pushed the accelerator. The door woofer signal was the only clean signal in the system.
The hush mat, Sound Dampening, Vibration Damping, Thermal Insulation for automotive applications - HUSHMAT. will be added on the interior surfaces of the fender wells, and perhaps the floorboard of the vehicle in an attempt to drastically reduce road noise. ( what's a few pounds of stuff, compared to unbearable road noise)? I've used Dynamat, hush mat, in other vehicles, and it does a tremendous job of reducing unwanted noise.
Did you leave the Bose woofers connected also and add the JL Audio subs or did you replace the Bose woofers? I have a convertible with the 10-speaker Bose system, which has two 10-inch woofers (1 in each door), two 5.25-inch full range speakers behind the seats, and an 8" sub in a box in the trunk.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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