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Picking up your new C7 Checklist

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Currently I am at status code 3800 and am expecting to pick up my car in about 2 weeks, I am looking for suggestions on what I need to be looking for at delivery. Clearly a visual check of the car to make sure I have all the correct options, no paint marks, chips scratches but what else should I be expecting the dealer to do for me? Review how to set the seat memory? That seems to have been a big topic here.

But what else should I be doing before I drive off the lot. I know that the adrenaline will be kicking in big time and I don't want my emotions to keep from having the best possible experience. I am buying from Kerbeck and I live about 2.5 hours away and won't be going back there for service so I want as much as possible a perfect car when I leave.

Also I thought this might turn into a checklist that can be created into a sticky for others to reference to when picking up their car.

Thanks, Tom
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Tom, inform your dealership not to "wash" your C7! We all get caught up in the excitement. I spent 30 minutes inspecting our Vette before I would sign the paperwork from the truck driver.

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