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I was contacted by a fellow forum member (ferd1971) and he shared the information below that his servicing dealer provided him while his Z-51 was in for service.

"Just had my 2014 7 speed manual Z51 in the shop for its first oil change at 3200 miles. When I got home and looked at the vehicle report, it shows the following...
Service Information
Type: EI
Number: PIE0315
Description: Engine Oil Leak at Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly (LOMA) Seal
Date Posted: 10/03/2014

I contacted my service rep at the dealer for clarification on the service information on my vehicle report. She told me the PIE number represented a service bulletin for the service techs to reference if needed. On 10/3/14 GM/Chevrolet released a service bulletin to the techs because the LT1 engine are prone to oil leaks at the LOMA seal. The Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly plays a major role with the LT1s AFM system. The entry in my vehicle report was informational only and to be used for the service techs to reference if necessary."

Thanks for this info. Fred!
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