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Pinch me.... I must be dreaming!

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Finally it happened!!:)
Got the long-awaited call from Shayne at the National Corvette Museum.

Our Crystal Red Coupe has been built!:cool:

Delivery date at the NCM will be Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 7:45am CST!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

I am freakin' out over here! I will probably need a good Z-Quil sleeping aid tonight.

Did this really happen today or just a dream? I never thought it would get here.

Later all!;)
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Congratulations on your call from the National Corvette Museum! You are in for a treat, with your factory tour, your Museum tour, and, oh yes, that third thing, your being presented your car. You and Dianne are lucky folks! From the very moment you walk into the Museum the afternoon before the scheduled delivery, when you first see your car, with your names on your special stanchion, when you go out for dinner at Rafferty's, go to your motel thinking about tomorrow when you get to experience it all... And if you think you can't sleep tonight, your sure won't sleep that last night, having already seen your car, just counting the minutes until you finally say to yourself, maybe 5:00 AM, not having slept at all, the heck with it, I am getting out of bed NOW, go to breakfast, then drive a few miles to the Museum to have your Museum Delivery three-part experience... It's a super wonderful, super-powerful experience. Your's starts in just 14 more days. And it will be better than you can now imagine. The next two weeks will feel like a month long!!!
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Will be getting mine on 11/12 at 10:30 at the museum. Having it shipped to N.J. Can I actually see it on Monday?
No sleep on Monday night!!!!
Most, but not all the cars ready for next day's delivery are placed on Corvette Blvd. in the mid/late afternoon the day before, but this may not be true if there are last minute items the PDI staff want to address and need a little more time. Also, if the Museum has a big event on a weekend, cars may not be placed on the Blvd. until early Monday morning. The PDI staff have been working up sixty hours every week to typically get eight cars PDI'd daily, handling 317 deliveries between September 30 and Thanksgiving this year. In other words, there are no guarantees, but I will be there mid-afternoon looking for my car the day before. Worst case, you will be almost-overcome by the other cars already out there and the rest of the Museum!!

To see how this work, you might want to periodically look at the Museum's webcams, especially from mid to late afternoon (CST). Yesterday, I watched PDI Coordinator bring one out during that time period and the obvious and very-surprised owner was just beaming, as the two walked and talked their way around the car. Web-cams here:
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Grandsport, I am so sorry!!!
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