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blakebird, welcome aboard and congrats on you order.


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Like your car "blakebird." Hopefully, she arrives fairly soon.
Thanks, John (and everyone)...

Word I'd heard from a couple of local dealers was that if I ordered now I could expect the car maybe in December, more likely after the first of the year.
Not really having a grip on the process as it applies to a wildly popular car like the C7, I still thought it was something I could deal with. I am getting the car I want, not one on the lot that was close to what I wanted...

One dealer told me they don't carry a lot of inventory, as most Corvette owners want what they want....he heard "I would've bought that car if it had..." a lot.
I put the wait down to a popular car being special ordered by most of its new owners....made sense.

The dealer I ordered from told me there were constraints on Z51 cars, as that package turned out to be way more popular than GM estimated.
He said a Z51 car might be a Jan 2015 wait, but a non Z51 car like the one I was putting together might arrive "much sooner".
Still a mystery date, but since my truck lives outside and my side of the garage has housed three motorcycles (in revolving door fashion - I've owned 67) since we've lived here - I need to make room for the car to fit.
Lots of workbench, Gorilla racks, and a TON of motorcycle gear need to find their way to the basement storage room.

So I actually want some time before the car arrives....which means it will show up before I'm ready, right?

(blakebird comes from owning a '99 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird about 40 bikes ago, when forums started occupying my time)

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Congrats on your order Blake and welcome to our forum!:cool:
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