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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and after reading quite a bid on this portal I do have a few questions. First off, this is my first time owning a corvette and I hope some of you guys can provide me with some input.

Before I go ahead with my questions, these are the features I had in mind:

Body Style
1YY07 Stingray Coupe $51,995
1YX07 Stingray Coupe w/Z51 $54,795
1YY67 Stingray Convertible $56,995
1YX67 Stingray Convertible w/Z51 $59,795
Equipment Group
1LT Equipm ent Group N/C
2LT Equipment Group $4,210
3LT Equipment Group $8,005
MEP 7 Speed Manual Transmission N/C
MYC Automatic Transmission $1,350
Exterior Colors
G7H Lagun a Blue Tintcoat $995
G7J Lime Rock Green Metallic $495
G8A Velocity Yellow Tintcoat $995
G8G Arctic White N/C
GAN Blade Silver Metallic N/C
GBA Black N /C
GBE Crystal Red Tintcoat $995
GBV Cyber Gray Metallic N/C
GKZ Torch Red N/C
GXH Night Race Blue Metallic N/C
Interior Colors
70* Adren aline Red N/C
14* Gray N/C
19* Jet Black N/C
34* Kalahari N /C
55* Brownstone N/C
Color Override
D30 Col or Combination Override $590
QG6 Wheels, Silver-Painted Aluminum N/C
QX3 Wheels, Chrome Aluminum $1,995
RQ1 Wheels, Machined-Face Aluminum $1,495
Q7E Wheels, Z51 Chrome Aluminum $1,995
Q7S Wheels, Z51 Silver-Painted Aluminum N/C
Q7T Wheels, Z51 Black Aluminum $495
Roof Panel
CFA Body-C olor Carbon Roof N/C
C2M Carbon Fiber/Glass Dual Roof Package $2,995
C2Q Body-Color/Glass Dual Roof Package $1,995
C2Z Roof panel, 1-Piece Visible Carbon Fiber $1,995
CC3 Roof panel, 1-Piece Glass $995
J6E Calipers, Yellow-Painted $595
J6F Calipers, Red-Painted $595
Optional Seat
AE4 Seats, Competition Sport Bucket $1,995
AE4 Seats, Competition Sport Bucket w/ Sueded Inserts $2,495
ERI Battery Protection Package $100
FAY Carbon Fiber Interior Trim and Instrument Panel $995
FE4 Magnetic Select Ride (Z51 Only) $1,795
IL4 Sueded Microfiber Seat Inserts - 2LT (Not Avail w/ Adrenaline Red) $395
IL6 Sueded Microfiber Seat Inserts - 3LT (Not Avail w/ Adrenaline Red) $395
IWE Sueded Microfiber-Wrapped Upper Interior Trim Package $995
NPP Dual Mode Performance Exhaust $1,195
TTV Carbon Flash Spoiler & Mirrors (Z51 Only) $100
UY4 Navigation System (Available on 1LT & 2LT, Standard on 3LT) $795
VK3 License Plate Bracket, Front (Auto Shipped to Required States) $15
Personalization/GCA Accessories
PIN Customer Selectable VIN Ending $5,000
R8C Corvette Museum Delivery $990
BV4 Plaque, Personalized W/A
RWH LPO, Indoor Vehicle Cover W/A
RWJ LPO, Outdoor Vehicle Cover W/A
RZ2 LPO, Front End Cover, Black W/A
RZ9 Grille, Painted Cyber Gray W/A
S2L LPO, Custom Corvette Luggage W/A
V8X LPO, Custom Sill Plates W/A
VDN LPO, Indoor Vehicle Cover,Gray w/ Crossed Flag Logo W/A
VLI LPO, Cargo Mat W/A
VRS LPO, Cargo Shade W/A
VRU LPO, Outdoor Vehicle Cover, Gray W/A
VYW LPO, Floor Mats, Premium Carpeted W/A
N/C = No Charge - W/A = Pricing will be posted When Available

3LT Package Contents:
Everything on 1LT & 2LT Plus:
Custom Leather-Wrapped IP/Doors/Console
Instrument Panel in Interior Seat Color
Napa Leather GT Seats w/Lumbar/Wing Adjust

My questions now:
  1. Is the difference between the 2LT and the 3LT worth a price jump of $ 4000? I'm not quite sure how the interior would look like with a 2LT package and a 3LT package. I think I'd be fine with a 2LT, save the $ 4000 and just add on the navigation to it.
  2. What's the difference between the C2M Carbon Fiber Roof panel (it mentions dual glass ?) and the C2Z 1 piece carbon fiber roof panel. I looked at pictures and I can't tell which type of carbon fiber top it is they are using. I am in love with the car that was presented at the expo.
  3. I plan on putting in a Twin Turbo Kit sometime this year, so I wanted to see if the automatic transmission might be an issue. Also is the dual mode performance exhaust worth it or will it be a waste of money if I decide to put in a TT anyway?
  4. Any additional input? Anything else I am forgetting/missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum!

2LT and 3LT is basically worth it depending on the color scheme you are wanting to go with. If you choose black, you would be paying the extra $4k just for an upgraded material that in my opinion is not worth $4k; the wing support, I would have to sit inside the car to see if it is worth it. Since you want adrenaline red, you may be better off by getting the 3LT; with the 2LT you dont get any red on the dash and that just doesnt look right to me. If you get the 3LT you can add the microfiber upper portion which makes it look nicer.

The differences between the roofs is that one is just the carbon fiber by itself and the other one has the carbon fiber one and a dual glass one as well (you would get 2 roofs that you can swap depending on your mood I guess haha).

If you are putting a TT kit. Do not pay for the NPP exhaust. You will need a whole new exhaust system to handle the possible 700+ RWHP you will be getting out of it. So, it would be just throwing $1k in the air. The stock exhaust will not be able to handle the TT's for long. So, just wait and see what your options are. I would hold on the TT as well for a year or so and see what comes out. There is enough uncertainty with thos being the first year that the car is in production.

Consider getting jet black interior 2LT with competition seats and microfiber seat inserts no NPP. That may be more suitable for someone wanting to run TT's and the extra money you save for a new set of wheels and tires and the whole TT kit along with the exhaust. The 285's you have in the back will not be enough to get traction off the hole with TT's. You could also benefit of wider tires by being able to reduce braking times. The car does 60 mph to zero braking in 107 ft but because of the tires. With a similar set as the Z06 it would be under 100 ft.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the input. I will go with the 3LT and no exhaust! Any idea when the stingray may come out?

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I just ordered dual glass, the one panel will be tinted and clear the other will be dark, sold no clear and the sides painted, the 2lt will have the colored seats but the dashboard will be black no color, only colored if 3lt, the quality of the leather is supposed to be a little better on the 3lt,

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Several cautions on comp seat. Yes, $2,500 and delivery not even until fourth quarter (could be even late December). However also please be aware that the bottom seat cushion is firm, firm, firm (to prevent submaring in your seat when in a five point seat harness and you are under full braking) and the side bolsters do not adjust in-and-out like the GT seat. Also, even is you are a super athlete, and thin, if you have very large/muscular shoulders or chests, you may find you do not find in the seat (again because the bolster ln the side and the shoulder section of the seat does not expand). GM is cautioning prospective owners, because of these two factors, to not purchase unless you have "test fit" to ensure you fit in them comfortably.

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When we at the unveiling at Corvette Museum the GM engineer I was speaking with told me that the competition seat had not been certified yet and it would be quite some time before it was available. He also told that he would not recommend purchasing the competition seat for recreational driving.
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