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Plasti-dip stinger stripe?

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Thinking about doing a plasti-dip stinger stripe anybody done this or have thoughts on it?
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So ive spent the past day or two researching plast dip and how safe it is to use on paint. Ive definitely found conflicting reports. It seems from what ive gathered, it can definitely eat away at your clear coat. But this may be only if you buy plast dip that contains xylene, which is the kind available at home depot. But if you you purchase rubber dip from a place like then the thinning agent used is safe for clear coat. Is this the general consensus about this product? Or am I wrong? Let me know your thoughts.
Nice to know. Was the Plastidip you worked with from Home Depot/Lowes that contained xylene? Or was it the Rubber Dip? Or are they both the same?
Yes this is what ive experienced as I plasti dipped my 370z emblems and door handles and seemed to be ok. My only concern is not ever having seeing any scientific data to back up the fact that clear coat is not effected negatively in any way. Im just being super cautious and trying to educate myself the best I can before spraying on my $65k vehicle. I plan to dip the roof, spoiler, and emblems if its indeed deemed safe. Otherwise I may spend a little more money and just 3m vinyl wrap those areas instead.
Looks great! I'm ordering this week.
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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