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I've got a Z06 on order through Kerbeck and I missed the window for courtesy delivery (and Kerbeck talked me out of it).
I've had two bad experiences shipping vehicles so I'll be flying up to NJ to drive it back to TX.

It'll be my wife's car and she wants her car wrapped matte red, so I starting getting quotes for wrapping in the Atlantic City area.
Holy crap... I had my GTR wrapped about 6 years ago and it was just under $2000 (inc tax). The quotes I am getting back from NJ are ~$3500 w/o tax. At $600 for materials, two workers and three full 8hr days, that's $60/hr per worker....

In searching for a wrap shop, I came across plastidip. I had previously seen it years ago, but I thought it had died out. It seems to have really taken off though with lots of shops doing it.
DipOne will do the whole car for $625, so more than 5 times cheaper than a wrap in that area. At that price I don't care if it lasts a few years less.

If anything I may just have it dipped for the drive back to protect the paint.

Anybody have any thoughts/experience on plastidipping or wraps?
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