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Cold Air Intake?

Poll: Current view on getting a cold air intake.

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I wrote Halltech and asked them when they would be coming out with a non carbon fiber CAI since I know for me I do not want to spend that much on a CAI. They informed me that there is no demand for them that is why they are not making them. I personally disagree I think there is a huge demand for a more reasonably priced CAI so I am making this poll to see what you all think.
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I just can't see paying Halltech $1300 for 14 horsepower. I am just going to settle with a 5 horsepower gain and get a Green Filter for now. I plan on getting Kooks headers and mid-pipes, The Green Filter and a tune. I just hate having to pay for another tune as soon as a affordable legit CAI comes out.

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We'll I lied about just buying the green filter. I had a couple too many beers on the couch last night and I pulled the trigger and bought the Halltech stinger cold air intake. As soon as it gets delivered and installed I'll give you guys some feedback.

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I got my Halltech Cai installed on my C7 and it was totally worth the money. Auto part Vehicle Engine Motor vehicle Car

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