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Pre-Delivery (PDI) Inspection Form

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We have an older thread on pre-delivery inspection (PDI) thoughts, ideas, etc. It contains the 2005 GM PDI Form. Some good ideas in that thread; some "learnings" by us all since September. Still suggest that if you haven 't seen that thread, it is here and worth reading!

However, that old PDI form needed serious updating. Here is the new GM, Corvette-specific PDI.

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When I picked up RedHot at the Museum I was given the 2014 PDI form you show, completed and signed by 4 technicians and one service manager for her. :cool:
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Ha I was the first to get my car and my salesman said heres your fob and showed me a couple of things then said goodbye. I had to learn everything on my own. I would have probably done it that way anyway but 5 minutes to deliver a car is ludicrous.
Ha I was the first to get my car and my salesman said heres your fob and showed me a couple of things then said goodbye. I had to learn everything on my own. I would have probably done it that way anyway but 5 minutes to deliver a car is ludicrous.
Sure sorry to hear that! That guy needs to get released from selling any new cars. I'd be all over the dealership owner. They are making max profit on our C-7s. The salesman gets his commission for the sale. He is what I call the standard order taker. Enjoy your new ride. Can't wait!

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Thanks "steveinaz" for helping get this important PDI into this "purchasing" section of our forum, where it belongs, searchable and retrievable. This PDI I form is great one for us to read before we pick up our car, and to ask for a copy at the time we get our car!
My Corvette has been sitting at the Courtesy delivery dealership (Bravo Chevrolet) for some time now. I ordered and paid for my corvette two weeks ago through MacMulkin Chevrolet and now the courtesy dealership where my corvette sits, will not be released to me because they claim they have not received the $133.00 for prep work conducted at Bravo Chevrolet and tried to reach someone at Macmulkin Chevrolet. The manager of Bravo Chevrolet claim he cannot reach anyone at he reaches voice mail each time. So until the $133.00 prep fee is paid to courtesy dealership of Bravo Chevrolet….the vette which I paid sits at the courtesy dealership.
That doesn't sound good if there was no mention of this fee beforehand. You need to contact the person @ MacMulkin you did your deal with and find out what is going on.
Hello Elegant:

Thanks for the forms. They are invaluable. I will need them soon. There are some issues that I have noticed at my dealership that I will be checking on as a result of your posting. Great work. TX.
Another thank you for the PDI form; Priceless in terms of what to expect and what to demand. I just hope all personnel at the dealership who play a part in the delivery of such an exquisite and expensive vehicle, will do their part to show what top notch service is. It's a rewarding experience when you see people show pride in their work to satisfy you. Conversely, how disappointing would it be to be handed keys to your $100,000 swirl scratched prize, and told "have a great day."
This PDI at least sets the bar in what minimum to expect.

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Ha I was the first to get my car and my salesman said heres your fob and showed me a couple of things then said goodbye. I had to learn everything on my own. I would have probably done it that way anyway but 5 minutes to deliver a car is ludicrous.
I assume you inspected and test drove it before you paid for it.

Prior to my pickup I had read the manual on-line a coupla times, read everything on this Forum for a coupla months and felt I had a pretty good grasp of how to operate the car. It helped that I had two recent model Cadillacs and many of the controls (wipers, lights etc.) were similar. So I sorta rushed the salesman thru his presentation and went straight to the test drive because I was anxious to be on my way!
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The latest PDI form is no longer attached to any of these threads. Can someone provide please?

About 10 years ago, I bought a Mustang (yeah, take it easy, I was poor). They salesman showed me - not kidding - that if you pulled the headlight knob out one step, your parking lights turn on. All the way, your headlights turn on. Turn the knob, your dome light dims (it was a convertible, but the dome light wouldn't have been the only dim bulb if it had one). Use the lighter? Push it in and wait.

That I don't need. But conversely, is the guy that's been there 3 weeks going to teach you a lot about the Corvette infotainment stack? You'd like to believe it, but you'd be silly if you did.

My general experience in dealing with Chevrolet salespeople is:

1) They have only been there 10 days
2) They don't have business cards yet, so they just scratch out the name and number of the guy that worked at that desk 2 weeks ago
3) By the time I'm interested in a make/model, I know far more about it than any salesman by time I get there. It's their job, people!
4) They will tell you anything. Can I get it with a Nintendo? Sure!
5) They will etch your panels with your VIN even if you don't ask, then be perplexed you won't pay for it. Did you read your MSRP sheet? Are you sure "Aftermarket $199" wasn't on there?
6) Since they don't deal with a lot of Corvettes, they know even less about it than most Chevys
7) Since it's a Z06, they've never even seen one, but saw it on the cover of a magazine at Safeway that one time
8) You -will- be accosted by the most junior salesman standing outside the moment you pull up
9) When you're done, if any of 1-8 were not done 10/10, it's a failure. And NOW they will sit there and coach and watch you. No joke.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule. There are no doubt salespeople that treat -their- job with the same dedication I did mine (in a different field). I bet some of the high volume dealers have people very knowledgeable about Corvettes.

But they are the exception.

In January I took my son around with me to look at trucks. Everything but the Honda Ridgeline. The Toyota dealership was by far the best. The Chevrolet dealership was by FAR the worst. I mean I still bought a Silverado, because that turned out to be the best truck, and I drove them all. But I would really rather have ordered it from Amazon if that was possible, because the dealership experience really tarnished my experience with the truck. I'll have the truck long after I've forgotten about the dealers, but no wonder they went broke.

I don't know a lot about AutoNation, but they're buying everything around here now. They can't make it any worse.

I half-expect the lot attended to do burnouts in my Z before I get there and the dealer principal's spouse to take it for the weekend before they call me.

The dealership that I dealt with is a good one, though. Family owned for 100 years, but it's like a 2 hour drive to get there. And there are probably 50 other dealers in that radius, so 2% don't suck. You just have to look. But you really should never have to.
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Wow...the glass really is half empty...or 98% empty...
No, I didn't mean that. The glass is 2% full. You just have to want it and go -find- it.

My implied point (poorly stated or entirely omitted) is that I don't want most Chevrolet dealers doing ANY of the stuff on the PDI sheet unless I trust that dealer. The PDI process would be great if done by knowledgeable people in a straightforward and trustworthy manner, I'm just saying that it's far from the default at the dealers in my area. Heck, I'd back it off the trailer if they let me.

That said, I had a BMW V12 7 series, and the dealership was beautiful. It might have had someone playing a grand piano (no, that's our Lexus dealer - seriously). Yet when I had my 10,000 mile inspection, they checked off that they'd inspected my clutch, my transfer case... none of which my car had (so they had just checked every box). So it's not just Chevrolet. It's really up to the quality of the people working at any particular dealership, which is probably a function of who the dealer principal is.
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My third (subtly pointed towards with the "go -find-" that good 2% of dealers) point was that there -are- some dedicated quality dealers out there. But I've only found a couple in this area, and that's within a 50-60 mile radius in a big metro area. I would wager the ones that have salespeople on this forum (other than just looking for sales - the ones that contribute info) are among the good ones. But I also would wager if you spread them out on a map, they're way farther than 50-60 miles apart.

So, I guess all said, there's lot of crappy dealers and a few really great ones, and I think it's worth the trip to go find a good one. What you do for local service, well, that's a different one.
Is there a 2015 Z06 PDI form here somewhere?

There is no separate Z06 PDI form. All Corvette Techs use the same form, and then, for Z06's they follow the specific, additonal instructions for Z06's specialized parts, e.g installing splitters, skirts and spoilers.

Here in the following link, post # 1, is the two-page PDI form that is currently being used on all StingRays and all Z06's.
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This thread is being closed, replaced by new PDI forms (for all C7 models). Thank you Zymurgy for providing the new updated information.
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