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This is a thread I'd like to begin regarding overheating of coolant and oil, as well as track tires for Coupe (not Z51):

Really been enjoying the TRACK! Took my Non-Z51 Coupe to MSR Houston last weekend. Had fantastic runs, but the problem I ran into was overheating coolant and oil.

Being in Texas, we have to weather the heat... in our babies! I heard Vettes have a problem with overheating.

Also, being in Texas we have to have a front license plate. #1... remove front plate before first run to allow air flow through hood, etc. By the way, after each run I opened the hood to let the heat off the engine.

Day 1:
1st run - Warm up... no issues and cooler in the morning
2nd run - Ran real hot, had to exit track 1/2 way through due to red line and warning lights flashing overheating.
3rd run - Had a little rain prior to, so it cooled track off and I had a great run... ran below red line.
4th run - Ran real hot, pushed over red line a tad and had to exit early... very frustrating!
Standard tires did well, but after 4,000 miles and 2 track weekends, getting close to replacement!

Day 2:
1st run - Warm up... ran hot! Decided to remove front license plate (duh) and added Water Wetter (50/50)
2nd run - Ran warm... remained under red line but got close
3rd run - Best run of the day, pushed her but stayed just under red line (outside and track temps extremely hot)
4th run - Ran great, but red lined and exited a lap earlier than everyone else
Standard tires made it home from Houston back to Dallas, BUT they are worn!!!

Can someone make suggestions regarding keeping oil cool, coolant cool... I've heard I should add a dry sump pump, but also heard on the Z51 they're not working properly.

Also, looking for recommendations on tires. I'd like to be able to drive to track, track and then drive home without having to replace.

I must share I've had other track weekends where temps weren't so extreme and I had absolutely no overheating problems whatsoever. It could be Texas heat, but I still don't feel this should be happening.

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Do a search for "track day" on the forum and some helpful info will come up.

And definitely get your hands on the Corvette Track Prep Guide that Corvette published. It is on this forum or just Google it. It gives recommendations on motor oil & brake fluid plus more. Also, this sucks, but perhaps do short shifting to keep the RPMs lower. Lastly, make sure your AC is off as this puts slight, extra load on the engine
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