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Problems receiving extended XM benefit on Premiere edition - suggestions?

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As part of the Premiere edition package, they list an additional 9 months of XM radio service as part of the package on the factory window sticker. My XM cut off at the three month point and after an hour on the phone with XM, they reactivated it. This past week it went dead again, so I contacted XM again. This time, their first and second level service reps were unable to find a listing of any such benefit.

May I request any information on any issues and resolutions other Premiere owners have had?


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SiriusXM is a broken company. They bet on satellite radio being the future, but, by and large, they missed the mark due to the iPod, Pandora, and other such sources which allow people to play a wide variety of exactly what they want to hear without having to change the media source (for example, there is no switching of CDs required). Sure, there are some people who greatly benefit from XM because it fits their listening styles and needs, but most people just don't fall into those categories.

I believe it is just a matter of time before SiriusXM joins Blockbuster and goes away.
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It IS nice to pick up XM radio anywhere in the country regardless of cell signal though. Just a view of Southern sky.
I agree, Ragtop. For those people who want to listen to the same radio stations in a wide area, SiriusXM is the way to go. I just think that not as many people are willing to pay for that service as SiriusXM originally anticipated.
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