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Problems with 8 sp auto tran none shipped as of8/26

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My car has been setting at BG since8/13 all auto on hold. Can not get a answer from any one on what the real problem is. Any real information out there?
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There are no documented "problems" with the A8, don't jump to conclusions.
of course there isn't any "documented" problems. We would never be told the specifics.

Imagine if the 2015s started shipping, but someone noticed that of the ones shipped; they were all HUD'less. It would get reported that C7's with HUD's were being held from shipment.

Three things that would immediately come to mind in this situation - by those with cars on order... with the HUD feature:

1. What's wrong with the HUD?
2. Will the problems be corrected properly; or will it be a bandaid fix?
3. Will my brand new car get it's dash torn apart - before it's first miles?

A conclusion is warranted.
Welcome to our forum Mike Mercury. mjw930 has the best perspective with "don't jump to conclusions. What's happening is the normal 2-3 week hold whenever a new major component is installed for the first time."
I hear ya; but at first it was a "2 week" hold is normal. Then once that time-frame came & gone (august 22 is 2 weeks from production start of 2015's) it's 2-3 weeks is normal.

What will people be saying after this Friday?
Cars that come off the line are not immediately shipped at any time. There are several days, even when the line is functioning during the middle of a model year, between coming off the line and shipping. As one example, the shipper has, in his contract, ten days between notification the car is ready to pick up and the shipper needing to physically even remove it from the yard.
It's been 16 days since mine rolled off the end.

Let us please not jump to conclusions that there are problems with the 2015's, for at this time no problems with the 15's have been documented.
I am not in a cult; nor am I being paid to provide damage control for GM. If all cars had started shipping at the same time (ones built, regardless of the options installed)... we wouldn't even be discussing this. I've ordered new Corvettes for 30 years; and have never heard of a partial holdup of new cars built - solely due to a particular configuration. Normally; the entire stock production be back-lot held for the 2 week QC period. This is unusual, and eyebrows should be raised.

Instead, find us answers. That would help a lot :)
At Carlisle they announced that the 7-speeds were now released for shipment as of 8/29 and pending no issues were found with the auto 8 speeds those cars should be released about a week later which puts it around 9/4/14. As mention anything new like in this case the 8-speed auto they like to hold them to be sure there are no QC issues found doing the build or testing.
I hope you are right !
Good! I would rather wait another month for a bug to be fixed (if there even is one) prior to mass production and release than take my car to the dealer monthly to try and get a bug fixed. I'm glad the manufacturer wants to get it right from the beginning.
I'm with you on that. I'd rather the factory sort this out, than the grease monkey at the dealership.

I need answers as why there's a holdup/problem.

But all we're getting is:

"uhh, please ignore the man behind the curtain"

this is a $65,000 purchase of a product. Give me concrete reasons to feel confident about it. Blind-faith isn't going to cut it.
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Looks like they are starting to release the automatics. Got the call this morning to setup delivery. Set it up for 8/8 at 7:45. Mine is an 8A vin 64.
that's good news; though I've not seen the "OK to ship A8's" news anywhere else. Can you provide any links to this developement; it would be a boost for me to see it out there in cyberland.

Sadly; this holiday weekend holds countless car shows & cruise-ins. No way in heck would I of ever imagined - back on May 29th when I ordered my 2015 from a dealer with allocations - that I would not have this car in my driveway by now. Plus; it's disappointing that others that ordered later - now have theirs to enjoy. I'm happy for the owners of the new cars; just wish I were among them.
I know of the Nashville incident for the C6. I've owned Corvettes for 30 years. I may be new here to StingrayForums... but i'm no inexperienced fool.

I don't want sympathy; I bought a $65,000 product, and I want to be driving it !!!

1st world problems for sure and many people less fortunate would not feel bad for the delay.
All of us on here are lucky to be able to afford these cars.
true; and a little dose of reality helps calm the nerves.
I appreciate your effort to help a fellow enthusiast be at ease. This helps a lot more than someone suggesting we just "trust them" on this. That type of corporate trust ended back in the 20th century.

In this information age; we've grown accustomed to getting instant answers, honest-accurate answers, with just a few minutes of searching and eliminating the smoke & mirror misleads - from the factual reality.

If anyone has any links to official "A8's are now on car carriers"... my tired eyes sure could use it.

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I'm in Bellbrook (between Dayton and Xenia); but I buy my Corvettes through Buds in St. Marys.

I don't know of anything regarding the C6, I was referring to the Nashville embargo of thousands of C7's happening at about this same time last year.
Mark; you are correct, it was the initial C7 run.

GM is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Ship the cars as fast as they come off the line and let the dealers sort it out (also known as one of the major reasons they filed bankruptcy) or take the time to QC the cars correctly and get people upset because they can't get delivery as fast as they want.
My Chev Order Track dot has moved backwards... twice now. And my event code went from 4000 to 4B00, then from 4B00 to 4D00, then from 4D00 to 4150, and now backwards to 4000. Why are you upset at me ?

If the new model year production start was typical... there woudn't be any damning. :)

I've never witnessed the QC hold on any new MY start - with selective shipping of cars produced. I've seen the first weeks or two complete production held for typical new MY QC hold... but not selective like this (where some built cars just sit there, as others without certain options drive right past them - onto car haulers).

Anyone that doesn't raise an eyebrow over something like this... is not an enthusiast like us here. May be more like my father who wasn't into cars all that much; basic transportation is all he ever wanted.

I would be driving a 2014 A6 if GM would of allowed the Employee Purchase discount at the beginning. I envy ya guy, you have yours !!!!
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Another one of my activities is amateur radio.
Hey Bob !!!`

been a ham myself for over 20 years (wife for about 12 years).

My 2002 had this setup:
Mike Mercury Corvettte; Ham Radio Install

for my 2015; the first pre-delivery mod I have purchased is the new Yaesu FTM-400DR...

wanna guess where I intend to mount the control-head?????

yep; in the "secret compartment" behind the cars LCD radio screen)
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It makes sense to hold cars with new parts longer than you hold cars which use the same parts as last year.

It is logical to do this, even if NOTHING is found to be wrong with the new ones.
but thats exactly why there's a 2 week QC hold at the beginning of each new MY. All cars are held during that 2 weeks (even the ones not needing it) so as to not rouse suspicion/doubt.

This partial realease of cars-built was a bone-headed move; though I doubt it was Tadges decision. Ya gotta remember that at those "meetings"... it's not just engineers. Accountants also attend, many holding a Tablet PC with a spreadsheet already displayed on the screen as they walk in.

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This is All old "News" & none of it is necessary anymore, Dozens of A8s are on the Road! Therefore this thread s/b Closed! (IMO)
Closed???? do you own stock in GM ???


the durability of the A8 has not been verified by the end user... yet.

And, I don't have mine yet; and it was built 17 days ago. Doesn't even show shipped (still at 4000). I am happy you have yours though.
Given that they are now shipping, I think you are correct that this is ancient history and this thread has run its course.

In summary, I just wanted to say above that I support GM, and their engineers, and believe they have their customers' best interests at heart.
I support them as well; have enjoyed my Corvettes over the years. But, blind faith is not good either.

The OP asked:
Problems with 8 sp auto tran none shipped as of 8/26.
the second part has been answered; they are now shipping.

The first part (asking if there's problems with the A8)
guys... that will take 3-5 years of real world usage before we'll know that answer. Keep your fingers crossed !

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