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Problems with 8 sp auto tran none shipped as of8/26

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My car has been setting at BG since8/13 all auto on hold. Can not get a answer from any one on what the real problem is. Any real information out there?
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There are no documented "problems" with the A8, don't jump to conclusions. What's happening is the normal 2-3 week hold whenever a new major component is installed for the first time. They are doing quality checks by batch and won't ship until they are comfortable they are being built correctly. I know it's hard but patience will pay off.
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that's good news; though I've not seen the "OK to ship A8's" news anywhere else. Can you provide any links to this developement; it would be a boost for me to see it out there in cyberland.

Sadly; this holiday weekend holds countless car shows & cruise-ins. No way in heck would I of ever imagined - back on May 29th when I ordered my 2015 from a dealer with allocations - that I would not have this car in my driveway by now. Plus; it's disappointing that others that ordered later - now have theirs to enjoy. I'm happy for the owners of the new cars; just wish I were among them.
Actually you should have imagined because the only commitment GM ever made on delivery was September. Do some searches on "Nashville" for some insight and you will realize why you aren't getting a lot of sympathy.
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I know of the Nashville incident for the C6. I've owned Corvettes for 30 years. I may be new here to StingrayForums... but i'm no inexperienced fool.

I don't want sympathy; I bought a $65,000 product, and I want to be driving it !!!

I don't know of anything regarding the C6, I was referring to the Nashville embargo of thousands of C7's happening at about this same time last year.

GM is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Ship the cars as fast as they come off the line and let the dealers sort it out (also known as one of the major reasons they filed bankruptcy) or take the time to QC the cars correctly and get people upset because they can't get delivery as fast as they want.
Why are you upset at me ?
Mike, I'm not upset with you, just trying to inject some perspective based on decades of logistics and supply chain experience.

I sense your frustration and maybe this will help, a GM representative commented quite clearly what was going on with the 2015's in one of the video's from Carlisle. All cars were being held for roughly 2 weeks while they perform their routine new model year QC and as of last week the M7's were released. The A8's were getting a more intense QC to the point of every car getting additional inspection due to the new transmission and it was expected that would take an additional week. If nothing serious was found GM expected to release them this week. As of today forum members on this and other sites are reporting their dealers have called them with news their cars are shipping and one member has reported that the Museum called to schedule delivery of his A8, they have been released, just like the factory rep suggested they would be last week at Carlisle.

You should be driving yours soon though possibly not over Labor Day weekend. ;)
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