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Project Arctic

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I'm not sure what I'll be doing to the car but if can't leave anything stock, lol.

Base line dyno pull 430/430
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My mustang is at the same shop getting a new heart and lung. Will be shooting for 700hp at the wheels on pump gas.
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Also as a comparison my '11 XKR is rated at 510hp and had the same numbers as the C7 on the dyno, 429/430
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I choose gray and I really like it. It's light and flows very well. I believe the gray seats choice is the only choice that gives you different carpet then black and at first I was annoyed that it had gray carpet but now that I've seen it in person it was the correct choice. I did replace the gray matts for black matts so they would add some contrast but mostly so it won't show dirt and wear as badly.

I don't have any good interior pics, but I'll take some.
Below is from the night I picked her up.
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Ok, I deleted the last post by request of not leaking what's going on with my car but since I found this on their website I thought I would share......

The white C7 is my car and my first mod is a procharger.
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