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I ordered my Corvette about a month ago from a small dealership that has one allocation for the 2014 Corvette. I am still at "preliminary acceptance" (status 1100) and I ordered one item that is on 50% constraint, the Z51 package. I was wondering what exactly needs to happen for my order to be accepted by GM (status 2000)?

At this point, I just want to reach status 2000 and have my order accepted by GM so that I know that my car will be built. So does anyone know how the system works and how they select who moves on to status 2000? My dealership DEFINITELY is trained and they DEFINITELY have an allocation for MY Corvette, so do they need something else for the order to be accepted such as permission to order a Corvette with the Z51 constraint item?

Thank you!!!! :D

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There is a ton of information posted here about the process and I'm mostly paraphrasing it here.

When an order has a constraint it effects how a small dealer's allocation is assigned. Allocations are assigned my model, Coupe or Vert, then by sub model, Base or Z51. Think of it as a 4 separate models on a list. GM assigns a number to each line every week using a mystical algorithm no one outside of GM's internal application developers knows.

Everyone has theories on how this works and this is mine. Each week they have a target number of vehicles they want to build. Lets use 750 / week. They then factor in all the dealers allocations. Lets take some dealer examples using full year allocation numbers. I'll use 5 examples, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 5 assigned as dealers A, B, C, D and E. There are 14 weeks left in the production schedule, we will assume 50 weeks to a production year (don't bother correcting me with exact numbers, they aren't important). Now we need to factor in model and sub model percentages. As I understand it the breakdown is 70% Couple and 30% Verts with 50% of each being Z51. Again these may not be 100% accurate but based on discussions it will show why there is 1 particular combination that even the large dealers are having a hard time getting.

The numbers below aren't hard and fast every week. I've heard there are some weeks where even the large dealers can't order a Z51 Vert, for example.

Dealer A
1000 annual allocation
20 cars / week
Coupes: 7 Base, 7 Z51
Verts: 3 Base, 3 Z51

Dealer B
500 annual allocation
10 cars / week
Coupes: 4 Base, 3 Z51
Verts: 2 Base, 1 Z51

Dealer C (here's where the mystical allocation program begins)
100 annual allocation
2 cars / week
70% chance they will both be Coupes with a 50% chance either on of them is a Z51 (35% chance of getting a Z51 Coupe allocation)
30% chance they will get a Vert with a 50% chance that will be a Z51 (15% chance of getting a Z51 Vert allocation)

Dealer D
50 allocation / year
1 car / week
Literally a roll of the dice and will depend on what they have ordered so far as to what they will get

Dealer E
5 allocations / year
Anyone's guess as to what week they will get allocation and what that allocation will be. Most in this category have already blown through allocation and are waiting for supplemental allocation as other dealers pass.

SO, knowing where your dealership falls within this hierarchy will help you understand when you can expect to get a car built.

And remember that 750 cars / week number I typed above? Considering that they are now over 1000 dealers eligible to order C7's and the larger dealers are getting as many as 20 / week my guess is at least 60% of those 1000+ dealers get nothing in any given week.
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