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Question about Museum Delivery

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If you choose Museum Delivery does the normal destination/delivery charge get waived from the invoice or do you have to pay that as well as the additional $990 for MD?
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Thanks guys, I am contemplating adding it to my order. It is about an 11 1/2 drive from Tampa Bay Florida and over 700 miles. Not sure if I want to log up that many miles driving her home.
I have been watching the live web cams from the NCM website all day and it is pretty cool. Today there are 8 cars set up and the delivery tech as you call him is going over with the owner the features in the car right now. There are 2 torch red ones in the front, cam 1 and 2, one has the new Carbon badges for 2015. Glad I ordered that, it looks sweet.
I so would love to tour the plant and have this special day, I may do it!. I just hope I have my car before the snow that drive home would suck. Ordered 8-12-14 and waiting for dealer to get allocation. ( They are ranked #7 with high allocation so it will happen I guess I just have to be patient.

Got an AW,2lt, A8, Z51 pkg, Blk int. Nav/PDR, Blk wheels, red calipers, personalized name plate, Stingray sill plate, Upgraded mats, Carbon Painted badges, Carbon painted mirrors and spoiler.
I noted you have ordered the personalized name plate, so if you do the museum then you can subtract the cost of that nameplate from the R8C $990 cost, as you get a special Nameplate with the Museum Delivery. :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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