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Question about Museum Delivery

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If you choose Museum Delivery does the normal destination/delivery charge get waived from the invoice or do you have to pay that as well as the additional $990 for MD?
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The destination charge is the same price regardless of where the car is delivered in the US. This charge is to get the car from the plant to the delivery point (dealer, museum, etc.). The R8C Museum Delivery option has nothing to do with the destination charge. This charge is to take possession of your car at the museum and the events of the day that go along with it. Your car will go through PDI (pre delivery prep) at the museum and these people only prep Corvettes. If there is an issue with the car they contact the plant (across the street) and either someone comes to the museum, or the car goes back over to the plant for the correction. You will also have a delivery tech (my term, not sure it is accurate) that will be with you for the entire day. It is your day and he is there to make sure that you see everything that you want to see, within reason. That will include touring the museum, as well as a VIP tour of the plant. The plant tour differs from a normal plant tour. You are one on one with your tech and you can take as much time inside the plant as you want. Again, it is your day. Once back at the museum, the tech will go over the features on your car and how they operate. Pay close attention, because it is a lot to take in. I probably retained about 20% of what he gave me, but when I got home and went through the manual sitting in the car, as I found something new, a lot of the time, it was stuff that he had covered with me, but I just forgot.

So, the two charges are for very different things. There are people that will refuse to pay the price for the museum delivery and that is their choice. But, if I had it to do over again, I would do it again in a heartbeat! My wife and I had a great experience with our Museum delivery last December on our new vert!
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Thanks guys, I am contemplating adding it to my order. It is about an 11 1/2 drive from Tampa Bay Florida and over 700 miles. Not sure if I want to log up that many miles driving her home.
I have been watching the live web cams from the NCM website all day and it is pretty cool. Today there are 8 cars set up and the delivery tech as you call him is going over with the owner the features in the car right now. There are 2 torch red ones in the front, cam 1 and 2, one has the new Carbon badges for 2015. Glad I ordered that, it looks sweet.
I so would love to tour the plant and have this special day, I may do it!. I just hope I have my car before the snow that drive home would suck. Ordered 8-12-14 and waiting for dealer to get allocation. ( They are ranked #7 with high allocation so it will happen I guess I just have to be patient.

Got an AW,2lt, A8, Z51 pkg, Blk int. Nav/PDR, Blk wheels, red calipers, personalized name plate, Stingray sill plate, Upgraded mats, Carbon Painted badges, Carbon painted mirrors and spoiler.
Tampa is a piece of cake. I took delivery on Dec 11th and it was 18 freakin degrees that morning! It was over 900 miles to get my C7 vert back to Fort Myers! I did not warm up until I crossed the Florida line. I did not retire to Florida to wear long pants, so this was a bit of a culture shock. But I would do it again, even in 18 freakin degrees.

As you mentioned, there are 8 delivery spots on Corvette Blvd. But to be honest, they do everything to make this your day and although I was aware of the other 7 deliveries, they did not detract from this being our day. You won't regret doing this!
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