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Question for Stingray owners with the base seats...

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I'm in the market for a new Stingray and I've recently been able to sit in the drivers seat of two 2014s, both with the base seat. I've come away with the sinking feeling that the fit (for me: 6'1'', 202lbs) might be a deal breaker. There were two things that bothered be: 1) I couldn't seem to lower the seat enough to get a comfortable amount of headroom, & 2) I could feel 2 pressure points on the sides of my legs where the support 'wings' fold in on the seat bottom. I understand that this snugness is part of the design intended to provided support during lateral g
s but I was feeling a low level of discomfort from the pressure points with no g load and I'm worried that this will drive me crazy during intended use: daily driver & road trips. I think I could learn to live with the headroom issue.

Anybody else experiencing this daily driver comfort issue?

Any comments or suggestions? I'd like to think that I could just lose a few pounds but I don't have much fat on my legs.
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You guys are all too big....
5'6", 155lbs. here.... and these seats are COMFY!!!:p
I may not even need the phone book anymore!!:eek::eek::eek:
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