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Quick Poll: Brand new C7 with replaced transmission effect on resale

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To all those with perfect C7s I'm extremely jealous.... My C7 has been at my dealer for nearly 3 weeks now. It's an absolutely amazing car and I want it back, but it's excruciating to not have it for almost three weeks. The dealer has now had it longer than I have and I'm paying $1000 monthly car payments to drive a Malibu (yeah for me!). The problem was identified as a hair line fracture in the transmission housing, which is why it was leaking transmission fluid. After three weeks of back and forth, Chevy has agreed that the transmission needs to be replaced. BUT CHEVY HAS BEEN UNABLE TO GIVE THE DEALER A DATE WHEN THE NEW TRANSMISSION WILL ARRIVE. UGH!!!!!

But here's the real reason for the post, now that Carfax shows vehicle service histories and shows the repairs done to the car, I expect that any informed buyer to whom I later sell the car will know (and I believe I should disclose in any event) that the transmission was replaced within the first 1000 miles. My question to you guys is would you consider buying a car with a similar history and, if so, would you do so only after asking for a discount on market value based on the original defect? In other words, do you think that this defect (even though repaired) impairs the resale value of the car verses similarly situated cars without the defect?


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Hornlaw, I wouldn't have a problem with purchasing a pre-owned corvette that had a part replaced, keep all documentation from the dealership in case you decide to sell it privately. I read on this site that the Chevrolet dealers mechanics who perform maintenance on the C7s had to attend GM training. Did the mechanics working on your C7 attend that training? When you get you C7 back, put it up on a lift to do a visual inspection to make sure everything was put back to factory specs, attention to detail.

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