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R&T Lightning Lap Stingray results

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Not sure if everyone gets Road and Track as soon as I do but their latest issue has a Lightning Lap article at Virginia International Raceway and they run a LOT of cars. Here is the summary of laptimes: Text Font Line Number Monochrome
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Thank you for posting this info. Amazingly great performance by our StingRay!!! It is 3.7 seconds per lap faster than the $175,000 Audi R8 V-10 Plus. And look at the even larger margin for the new Jaguar and so many others.
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Thanks Snorman! For those who race, as you do, or those who follow racing know, the difference in one second per lap is huge on the race course. The StingRay's margins, as you pointed out, above are staggering. Love your comment, "Imagine what the Z06 will do next year."

Fun to sometimes go out on a limb; why not??? I predict a 2:47.3 for a Z06 with the Z07 option.
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