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I am clearing out some LTP (less than perfect) and overstock items from inventory to make room for new orders for up and coming Carlisle Car Shows.

First item is a set of 14" wide Flatstoppers with one crumpled corner at the beginning edge. The outer coating is not torn. Price including shipping is $125. MSRP is $267. SOLD 31-Jan-2017!/LTP-14-Wide-Flatstoppers/p/79174445/category=5495089

Second item is a set of RR-TR-8 trailer ramps. This set also has a slightly crumpled corner on one ramp. Outer coating is intact without punctures or tears. The ramps are 55" L x 16" W x 8" H. The incline angle is 8.7 degrees. This set is available for $160 including shipping. MSRP is $317.!/LTP-Trailer-Ramps-8-inch/p/79174563/category=5495089

Third item is an unopened, undamaged set of 4" high RR-CLR-4 scissor lift ramps that have been taking up space in my storage facility for too long. This set is available for $475 including shipping. MSRP is $785.!/Car-Lift-Ramps-Overstock-Sale/p/79174580/category=5495089

My latest shipment of RR-FS Flatstoppers arrived after the Holiday gift giving season so I am also running an over stock sale on 14" wide Flatstoppers. These ramps are available for 20% off our regular price and are eligible for the $30 cash back factory rebate through 31-Mar-2017. At least 16 sets are available for this sale.!/14-Wide-Flatstoppers-Overstock-Sale/p/20930799
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